Quick service restaurants, bars and pubs, grocery stores, fitness centers, casinos, banks, airports, hotels, and all types retail stores are all capitalizing on the profound ability of dynamic digital signage to capture the attention of and engage their customers. Think of daily life; the hectic hustle and bustle and constant barrage of signs, sales and advertisements all turns into chaotic white noise to the typical consumer. More and more customers are turning a blind eye to standard forms of marketing communication. Developing a digital signage advertising platform in your place of business leaps through the haze of random, assorted, dull, static, advertising and truly occupies your customer’s attention. We’ve all witnessed the tunnel vision that can occur while people interact with their smart phones or lose themselves in a television show. Imagine the ability of grasping that powerful customer focus with your very own message with content developed over an afternoon without the need of an outside design agency.

Digital Cloud digital signage does this with the ability to schedule content on one or one million media player over any amount of time. You know your customers; send specific messages to them when they’re at your place of business. Simple market research will tell you when they shop. Real time purchase statistics makes it easy to track the efficacy of your design.

Digital Cloud digital signage is the unmatched leader in content as well. Our signage platform comes ready to display RSS feeds, blog posts, tweets, television station inputs, flash, YouTube, web sites, and all forms of static images (pdf’s, jpg’s, png’s, gif’s, etc.). You name it, Digital Cloud can make it an effective advertising tool for your digital advertising.


How many of your employees know your company or site’s OSHA 300 record, or the days since your last recordable incident? What other information are vital to your company’s success and employee involvement? Is there cake in the breakroom for everyone to enjoy? It’s not practical to buy a PC for every employee solely to communicate with them, but it is necessary that they all stay informed with communication that is presented in a way which is entertaining and they’ll remember. Digital Cloud digital signage is the perfect medium to communicate and educate employees. Post a weather feed on your screens so that employees can stay informed and be alert of inclement weather. With full scheduling capabilities, you can even alert your employees when it’s time to get back to work, or that it’s time to head home and enjoy a safe weekend with the family. Your Digital Cloud digital signage capabilities and potential benefits are endless.


– 100% Web Based Digital Signage directed by highly secure “one-way” servers
- Schedule your content over an unlimited amount of media players and time frame
- The most user friendly design interface available
- Unlimited design zones and alterations at no extra cost
- Multiple screens displaying different content displayed from one device
- Video Walls – Multiple devices displaying the same content
– Complete Touch Screen Kiosk interaction capability
- Video Analytics with real-time reporting
- Near Field Communication
- Custom Scripting
- Live T.V.
- Live RSS Feeds
- Full hardware, software and design services available
- Lifetime tech support


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